A Day with a 422 Hero

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A Day with a 422 Hero
A Day with a 422 Hero

Meet Don ...  Don is a fantastic Veteran.  He is very busy in his retirement with events hosted by the 422 Regimental Combat Team Association.  I have been asked for Dons photo many times for that group. 

Here is my original post for Don that was made about this Veteran I meet in Los Angeles back in 2019. 

Noboru Seki (Don) US Army - CPL
Born: December 16, 1922
Dates of Service: 16 March 1943 - 16 December 1946

Corporal Seki "Don" served in the US Army with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) L company, a segregated unit comprised of Japanize American service members. While Don served with the 442nd they served in the European theater of Italy and France with the 100th Battalion. The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was organized on March 23, 1943, volunteers from Hawai & the mainland started at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, for basic training.

The 442nd made landfall in Italy at Civitavecchia, north of Rome. They fought with the 100th battalion all the way to Florance.
Don remembers taking a break from combat at a farmhouse in Arno just west of Florance. They were pretty tired of eating rations so they made fresh chicken soup by foraging on the land. While resting at a farmhouse they also missed fish, growing up in Hawaii his group was used to fish soup. Having no real no pole, hook or line they used grenades. The whole squad fished together making the best fish soup he can ever remember.

Moving North they grouped up with the 5th and made the 700 km treck from Marseille France to the forests of the Vosges forest Mountains. Arriving in the cold rain and slush of October his unit was assigned to take the town of Bruyères, France where the Germans had high ground position and had surrounded the 36th division from Texas. They took heavy casualties fighting uphill but got the 36th out. It was about 4 days later in Bifffontain France that Don lost his arm during a heavy machine-gun fire attack. Don was taken to a field hospital where they save his life but his arm was gone. He recuperated at the Brigham Young hospital in salt lake city Utah for 9 months. There he was fitted with and learned to use his prosthesis. He was discharged in December and returned to Hawaii and worked in Japan for a few years.

This image is part of my World War II Veterans Portrait Series #VPS: 
This image was captured at the Veterans Home of California - West Los Angeles, Calvet LA - is the largest Veterans Home in the County of Los Angeles.

These images will be displayed at the home to celebrate #veteransday & recognize these amazing #WW2#veteran.
This image was captured with a #nikon #d850, 70-200mm, and processed in #adobe #photoshop & #dxo software.
Don and his wife both live at the West Los Angeles Cal Vet Home. 

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