California Veterans Home in Ventura Ca

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California Veterans Home in Ventura Ca
California Veterans Home in Ventura Ca

Thanks to Mr. Ron Brand of the California Department of Veterans Affairs / Cal Vet Home for facilitating all of my access to the homes and these Heros. 

In Febuary of 2019 I was invited to photograph and interview members of the greatest generation at the Cal Vet home in Ventura Ca.   

I drove up and set up and spent the night at a friends home in Ventura. The next day we interviewed 7 amazing folks that served our country during WW2. 

The following images are some behind-the-scenes images from the day of photographing and interviewing, and the day we visited to hang the lovely 16x20 framed prints of the final images. 

The folks were lovely and the stories flowed for both my project and the folks that have been joining me from the Eisenhower Foundation and Library.  We have been video interviewing these incredible warriors for a photo exhibit at the same time.


The visit:

Show Day:

A big thank you to Mr. Bob Harris the Executive Director of the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation for eh donation that helped pay for the frames and the prints for the Ventura CalVet home. The GCVF is building Vetern treatment and housing for Veterans in need and dealing with their past service burdens.  

Thank you to all who served: 

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